Fitness kickboxing program

Fitness Kickboxing CLASSES IN Bartlett, TN

Fitness Kickboxing

Come see why Kickboxing is changing people lives one punch at a time.

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Fitness Kickboxing CLASSES


Our classes improve overall fitness, athletic ability, and get you in shape fast:

– High-Energy group workouts
– Burn 850+ calories in 45 minutes
– Fun exciting workouts
– Instructed by real kickboxers
– Train at your own pace
– Classes open to all fitness levels

Fitness kickboxing program - lose weight

Lose Weight

With Kickboxing being an Aerobic workout thats been proven to burn calories are shred fat. With the music up, the coaches encouragement, and a will to get a little better today then you were yesterday losing wright is a sure thing.

Fitness kickboxing program - relieve stress

Relieve Stress

Kickboxing Reduces stress in a number of different ways. Getting away from the stresses of life and focusing on your health for an hour with positive encouraging coaches is a good start to reducing stress. With the increase in endorphins made from kickboxing exercise drives stress down and helps you become more resilient in stress.

Fitness kickboxing program - have fun

Have Fun

Fun only begins to describe what it’s like taking a kickboxing class here at pyramid. With every class being different then the one before you never get board which keeps it fun. The coaches and other kickboxers make the environment here such a fun place to be easy to get up and come when you otherwise are not feeling it.

Fitness kickboxing program - tone up

Tone Up

In the Kickboxing classes you are not just hitting and kickboxing the bag. Each class has a mixture of plyometrics in it such as push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and many more that will help ton your arms and legs. With the addition of kickboxing boot camp where we have light weights in the class you can get added resistance in training. This brings a unique dynamic to the class.

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