Muay Thai

Come see what makes Muay Thai the dominant stand up martial art.

The art of eight limbs

Muay Thai Kickboxing uses stand up Striking, Clinching, and Throws as tools in combat. Muay Thai is also referred to as the art of eight limbs meaning punches, kicks, elbows, and knees are all used as strikes.

Why it WORKS


Muay Thai is widely recognized as one of the most effective stand up styles in the world. Popularized in Thailand Muay Thai has become the standard for MMA and Kickboxing fighters around the world.

The Workout

Muay Thai is incredibly physically demanding from mitt work, sparring, and class conditioning so getting a great workout in is never a problem. The diversity of movement in Muay Thai makes it a well rounded workout as well.

Stress Relief

There is nothing like hitting mitts or sparring in a kickboxing class to take the stress of life away. When your endorphins are raised from the work you put in class helps you put life in the right perspective so you can take it head on.

Self Defense

Like Jiu-Jitsu Muay Thai is one of the best martial arts in the world for self defense. One major characteristic of training in Muay Thai that makes it unique is that there is no point sparring so the effectiveness of the techniques are never in question. While you don't have to spar hard to find this out it is important that the goal is to make effective moves not score points.


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